Welcome to my notes from concerts and operas around the world (many in Austria), now searchable and indexed in the menus below.

I have written these for almost every concert or opera I have attended since the start of 2010 and have posted them for Facebook friends since then.  I wrote irregularly for several years before that, with limited e-mail distribution.  In August 2015, I got around to making a proper blog (slowly adding earlier reviews heading backwards before then).

I did once have a blog before, in 1996-2002, when I had a monthly post (starting before the word “blog” even existed) about another topic entirely: the sport of rowing.  Then I moved to Kosovo, a country without rowing, so I stopped blogging.

Kosovo also had close to no classical music scene.  So when I traveled, I sought concerts and operas, and sometimes reviewed them.  This continued even after I left Kosovo, bought a home in Vienna, Austria, and moved full-time to Tbilisi, Georgia.  When, in 2009, I moved again, this time to Russia (part time), concert- and opera-going became my main activity outside work, and so my reviews took to Facebook.  But as the reviews there are visible to Facebook friends only, and are also not searchable, several people have encouraged me to post them on a blog.

Here they are.

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