Joh. Strauß II, Die Fledermaus

Who knew the Muscovites were fans of Viennese operetta?  There is a theater next to the Bolshoi (called, appropriately, the “Moscow Operatta“) that does only operetta, more than half of it Viennese.  While waiting for the opera season to begin (next week), I got tickets for three operettas this week.  I figured it would also be good for my Russian comprehension skills if I picked operettas I know very well and so could listen to dialogue (and singing) in Russian when I already knew what they were saying.

The idea was good in part, but did not account for any changes they make in the plot when translating for the Russian stage.  So tonight I saw something that only resembled Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauß II.  Unfortunately, my Russian is not yet good enough after six days here to fully understand what they did to the plot.

I am really not sure what I saw.  It was a “traditional” staging, in that it was neither modern nor designed to be shocking, but they clearly reworked the plot (and deleted a lot of music), and my Russian simply was not up to it.

That said, who would have expected my first musical experience in Moscow to be Die Fledermaus?




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